CUE students

About CUE

The CUE Regional Seminary Support Program brings together over 2,000 United Church of Christ churches in mid-America, Local Church Ministries, and Chicago, United, and Eden Theological Seminaries, our three United Church of Christ seminaries in this region.

Our mission is to:

  • Strengthen the relationship between our churches and our seminaries.
  • Further the mission and work of these seminaries.
  • Provide financial support for our seminaries.

We live in challenging times and we recognize the vital impact of our seminaries as they:

  • Prepare leaders for church and society.
  • Increase theological thought and scholarship.
  • Provide multiple resources to the local churches.

Current seminary statistics show that:

  • Tuition and scholarships currently pay for about 32% of the total costs of seminary education each year.
  • The CUE Seminary Support Program raised about $547,000 in 2016, covering another 7% of these costs.

The following United Church of Christ Conferences and their member churches, along with Local Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ, work together to support theological education at Chicago, United, and Eden Seminaries through the CUE Seminary Support Program: